Cartoons for Kids

Jul 2, 2012

Humf 1 - Humf's Shadow

Running time: 7'03

Horrid Henry 1: Horrid Henry Gets Rich Quick

Running time:11'03
Horrid Henry Gets Rich Quick by selling his dad and mum's things to buy a new toy castle for himself.

Jun 30, 2012

Postman Pat 1 - Postman Pat Takes Flight

Running time:15'03

Roary The Racing Car 1 - Secret Treasure

Running time:9'50

Pocoyo 1 - Not in my backyard!

Running time: 7'17
Pocoyo discovers some old rubbish and decides to have a clear out. Baby Bird, Pato and Elly do the same. Soon there's a huge pile of rubbish, and it turns out it's on Caterpillar's doorstep.